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What is Mesolexia?

Mesolexia is a neurological disorder afflicting over 95% of Americans.

Those suffering from mesolexia, defined in the DSM-5.0.1 as an inability to read a range of sample texts at 500 WPM or more and subsequently answer comprehension questions, often report having academic, workplace, and social difficulties due to being unable to keep up with their healthy hyperlexic peers at writing-intensive tasks.

The term mesolexia is derived from the Greek roots mesos, meaning middle, and lexis, which means speech, but was confused with a root meaning reading. As lexis was already used to form the terms dyslexia and hyperlexia, correcting this error now would only cause confusion. Those suffering from mesolexia are also known as mesolexics or mesolexic people.

Know the Signs

Most mesolexics will be unable to read even by the age of 5.

If, by age 5, your child still cannot read, we recommend consulting a psychologist. Early diagnosis can allow your child to recieve the accommodations in school that will benefit them greatly.

Note that children on the allism spectrum are unusually vulnerable to mesolexia. If your child is allistic, be sure to watch for these signs.

About Us

Cure Mesolexia Now! was founded in September 2015 by Ilzolende Kiefer, friend to many mesolexics. Since then, it has found supporters throughout the rationalsphere, including Ozy Frantz, Promethea, and Hylleddin. We are dedicated to researching a cure or preventative measure for mesolexia.

Our mission is to raise public awareness of the harm mesolexia causes, and bring those in search of a cure or preventative measure together. Working together, we hope to create a faster world for current mesolexics.


Although we have not yet made these designs available for sale, we may in the future produce shirts.

Planned designs include a shirt reading If you're still reading this, it may be too late… on the front and But it's not too late for future children. Support the search for a cure for mesolexia today. on the back.