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The files here are not CC-licensed! Downloading for personal use is permitted. If you're interested in other uses, please contact me. Chances are good I'll approve, but I'd like to be kept in the loop.

flag with weird shield thing

Flag derived from abstract sketches.

Some portraits. There is a monochrome version of the first. I have also attempted to render Alison in monochrome, but this is incomplete.

hexagonal tiles

A hexagonal tiling pattern.

Some different bitmap versions of the L10a140 link, with decorations.

Tree branches.

tall modern building along a river

Fun with perspective abuse, I guess. This building might look antagonist-y, but it's probably too close to the water for that sort of thing.

white regular hexagon with line extendning from each point on a blue background

Flag inspired by graphene.

flag with Sylvicola wing veins

Flag derived from File:Sylvicola wing veins.svg, a file made by Giancarlo Dessì. Unlike other items on this page, it is CC BY-SA 3.0 licensed. Inspired by a request from @nihilsupernum.

some concentric circles and diagonal lines with small colorful circles at points, inside a square

Something that looks kind of like a stained-glass window.